Our Weekend Starts on Wednesday: Forest Events Nov 1st-8th

Forest is people. People is you. You is us.
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Our Weekend Starts on Wednesday: Forest Events Nov 1st-8th

Post by Jimmy Bastard » Thu Nov 02, 2006 11:42 am

Wednesday November 1st

Archive Hour: Kim plays 78s from the oldest of schools from 7-8pm
The Blues Father 8-11
Homegrown hurtin’ from an artist who’s spent forty years working the circuit.

Thurs 2nd

6:30 pm
Afghanistan presentation plus discussion
9 PM
Tashi: Tales from Tibet
Songs, stories and messages

Fri 3rd

8-10 pm

The Wild House
Krautrock crazies of the freakscene team up with Malcolm Ross (former Josef K).
Expect immensitude.

Saturday 4th

5-9 PM

Blue plays host to a Spoken Weird evening with the onset of Winter.

9-10 PM
The Black Hearts

Straight off the back of high profile support slots with The Strawbs and Martin Carthy.
We present the ‘fast-rising stars of the new acoustic generation’.

10 PM – Close
Informed ambience for cinema buffs, architects and Vonnegut fans.

Monday 6th

Film Night.
Who caught last week’s Buster Keaton’s silent? Expect more mute treats if we haven’t managed to fix the sound.

Tuesday 7th

3 through ‘til 6 PM
Smells like Comedy:
More gold from the Van Winkle Archives.
- this week: Lewis Black

8-11 PM
On the one psychedelic funk.

Wed 8th

7-8 PM
Kim plays 78s
Sixty minutes from the olde school played at 78rpm.
4680 revolutions of sweet charm.

9-11 PM
Matthew Barley
Classically trained cellist with a maverick bent.
This man is to the cello what a kaleidoscope is to a magi-mix.
Has plaudits reaching for superlatives all across the globe.

We operate thru make-do, derring-do and voodoo to maintain that
ALL our events are FREE.
Help us remain this way.
- Come and volunteer
- Come in and play
- Check website for further details
NB. Please pay your corkage, it keeps the lights on.
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Jimmy Bastard
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Post by Jimmy Bastard » Fri Nov 03, 2006 12:23 pm

A recent review of the babarian rock of
The Wildhouse.
They be play today
The Forest Cafe 8-10 pm

The Balcony Bar, Dundee, 18 August 2006

In typical Wildhouse fashion, Peter started the proceedings with this squall of a guitar riff that kind of swirled and buzzed like a million angry bees and, as ever, noone really realised the gig had started, until Paul suddenly soared in with the chiming lead guitar and the two began to chart paths that would shortly lead to them going down the same track as the guitar fury increased. About five minutes into this, on sauntered Sheila, who promptly stood at the drums and started the booming rhythmic foundations that seriously got everyone's attention. The Wildhouse juggernaut began to roll and the combination of the drums scything through the airwaves as the guitars drenched the audience with searing fire, was jaw-dropping. Another track saw Paul intone the vocals to the song as the guitars chimed out in upper registers as Sheila's drumming moved from raw power to slower dynamics, crashing the cymbals for extra effect. This was Wildhouse at their most fluid and yet so tight. Further into the set and a longer track saw Sheila playing this militaristic Krautrock drum rhythm that started slow then moved up to the fast pace we've seen and heard before. But as the guitars blazed, something remarkable happened - her drum rhythm accelerated even further - how the hell she could play at that speed, with such deadly accuracy and with such human passion in there, too, I've no idea, but it was unbelievable and just awesome. You could also notice the subtleties too - on one number Paul's hand was running up and down the guitar neck producing a sort of space-rock swooshing effect that only lasted a few seconds but so effective while another passage produced an almost early Pink Floyd Syd Barrett style psychedelic guitar glissando. Meanwhile, Peter was alternately chiming away then absolutely erupting with a wild display of ferocious guitar chords as he scythed and thrashed the guitar, Paul soloing on top. The set lasted about 25 minutes, but when you saw Sheila coming off it absolutely dripping, you realise why the set has to be so short - but that's all part of The Wildhouse enigma - for there is no other band like them on the planet right now. Another amazing set!
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