Edinburgh Festival Downloads

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Edinburgh Festival Downloads

Post by Jimmy Bastard » Fri Aug 25, 2006 5:58 pm

I've swiped a bunch of links from another site and left the commentary in where appropriate.
Sounds as if there's a lot more coming down the pipe.
SendSpace is a little bit of a mystery to me.
I've set about d/loading them but it's more hit than miss.
I'll mark the shows I've get with a * and put them in a folder on the desktop of the office computer and mark it Fringe Benefits.
When there's enough I'll burn a bunch off for the free shop.

*Simon Amstell's BAC warm-up

*Kevin McAleer at the Stand 2

The Stand 2 is a small room which holds about 30 people. During the silence at the beginning, Kevin is on stage, just staring at the audience with a half smile on his face as latecomers sneak in, hence the squeeky door. He didn't use a mic, which is why it is a bit quiet

*Stuart Lee at the Underbelly

This is the standard 90s comedian show, so don't expect too many surprises. The amount of people getting up to have a wee during this show was incredible, some dicks were getting up and walking noisily just before punchlines (especially during the 'last words' bit, as you will hear). Anyway, when Lee is doing his 'watching you watching other comedians' bit he was at the back of the theatre, lying down behind the seating, looking through the railings two inches behind my head, which felt a bit odd.

*Richard Herring - Menage a Un - Underbelly

*Doug Stanhope - George Square Theatre

*Honourable Men of Art Part 1 - The Stand

*Honourable Men of Art Part 2 - The Stand

*Something for David O'Doherty fans.
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