FAT meeting 2 September 2012

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FAT meeting 2 September 2012

Post by swithun » Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:00 pm


Harry, Ken, Margarida, Billy, Simone, Gaia, Swithun, Katy, Eric


Simone, Steven, Yaz are the employment team. Margarida and Billy go off.
Propose the Margarida keeps her job, look for one new Kitchen Manager.

Would Margarida find some sort of formal process useful, asks Harry? An Appraisal,
positive feedback. For Billy and Margarida. See what they want, says Katy.

Billy & Margarida come back, are happy.

Put advert out now, deadline 1 October, interview 8 October, start mid
October. Eric round until 31 October.

Interview panel - Simone, Stephen, Billy.


Harry and Mirja and others working on it. Had visit last week.

Can get in really soon. Sign something when Mirja gets back - 10

Need insurance first. Have 2 quotes for public liability insurance,
building and contents insurance. One from Monroe - 100+, another from
Zurich - 300+ but more comprehensive.

There is also trustee coverage. Don't know if we need it. Need charity
lawyer to tell us.

Are understaffed just now. Need to work out how to rent rooms,
organise the space. Should we employ building manager?

Swithun to have a look at paperwork. Harry will put it on BB for others to look

Katy asks if charity lawyer could help decide which policy to go for.
SCVO might help, says Katy. Try them first, says Harry. He will do that.

Building Manager for Argyle? Start looking now, says Gaia, if entry is on 10
September. Ken says we need job description - could be anything from
janitor to development person. 3-4 days in Bristo. Could be 2-3 in

If it was under 16 hours, doesn't affect benefits, says Ken.

Need lots of promotion to start with, getting membership.

50 a month is the membership. They get guaranteed access to facilities
(same room). Can't lease rooms.

Have 3 month trial period for BM. Could turn into longer term
contract. Focus job description on when we need now.

Later, might need 2 people, so that the space can be covered, in case
of illness, holidays. Can offer free food, free studio space/time to
volunteers to cover the foyer.

Need rules/responsibilities for membership, says Ken. Harry and Mirja
need some help on this. Ken and Billy will get on board.

16h week, 3 month position. Harry to work on job description.

Simone suggests opening the Argyle team to non FATties.

Swithun to create Argyle forum on BB. Building
is already known as Castle Greyskull. Can have public and private


Do we need to shut? Eric thinks it would take a day to do the kitchen.

Have SDS drill. 2 of the 3 zones are done for the fire alarm. Fire
boxing is difficult. Need to put in fire door. Martin has been all
over this like a cheap suit. Sunday/Monday would be best time to close.

Talk to Zuri and Mariuz.

Should be done in next month, maybe next few weeks.

Eric says FATties should NM once a month. KMs have been working hard
to cover nights.

Decide on sound system for downstairs. Alasdair is up for it, Katy
says. Building and sound teams should get together.


Margarida asking if we will have donations box on counter. Being rung
through as takings just now. Donations don't get taxed. Will get
donations box. Look for piggy bank in charity shop.

Inky Fingers

Events will come back to Forest in October.

About to get loads of money. 15K over 2 years. Partly to pay for
project manager for 2 years, 1 day per week. Work out admin with

Open mic in October will be 2nd anniversary.

Harry to email trustees about interview.

Pulp fiction

Owner of PF wants to do cross promotion, as people keep asking him for
vegan food. He suggests fliers. We want something more fun.

PF has free events, and has done stuff with Inky Fingers, and is
Tollcross business, so we should do something.


Need events team update. Have had offers of help. EVS used to look
after events book, contact people, bring people in.

Gaia has replied to someone who got in touch about helping with

Margarida will touch base with events team.


Could have EVS again. Margarida will get in touch with Catalina. We
might not be active on their register, so should get started now, as
it takes a while.

Katy is good at form filling, so could do some of the admin work.


Eric asks if we should have shorted hours on Sunday. Getting foot
traffic in mornings for take away coffee. Close at 7pm on Sunday.

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Re: FAT meeting 2 September 2012

Post by simone » Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:05 am

thanks swithun for taking notes
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Re: FAT meeting 2 September 2012

Post by gaia » Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:33 pm

Building is already known as Castle Greyskull.
Highlight of the meeting.

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Re: FAT meeting 2 September 2012

Post by Margarida » Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:20 am

swithun wrote: Margarida will touch base with events team.

Margarida will get in touch with Catalina.
Done & done. Will post updates as soon as possible.
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