committee meeting minutes 20-03-05

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes

committee meeting minutes 20-03-05

Post by beev » Tue Apr 05, 2005 11:21 pm

sorry if these seem somewhat telegraphic


Present: Tim, Jane, Robin, Chris, Camille, Neil, Marie, Nick, Dan, Duncan, Ras, Gareth
Apologies: Magda, Joanna, Georgina, Rosie

1. Booze ban
2. Email
3. Awayday
4. Soundproofing
5. Web update
6. Kitchen- ventilation coffee machine hot water
7. Puppets?
8. Studio management
9. Ras
10. Events manager
11. Italians
12. Film festival
13. Festival
14. Outside catering

1. Booze ban.

No booze? All booze?
Why booze? Happier? For money?
How can we best address it?
Hardline on the spirits?

ACTION: Re-iterate people can be thrown out. So booze is back, to be
reviewed in a month.

2. Email

Camille said there were too many emails. Could use bulletin boards. A space in which we can set up a thread? Will close café email list temporarily.

3. Committee Away day

Should get on with it… tourist season approaches….

4. Soundproofing studio

Urgent need for better soundproofing.
Need to co-ordinate upstairs, downstairs events.
Should we get some professional advice? Ask environmental health?

5. Web update

Website trying a new look. It looks kind of like the future. Music player
getting a lot of hits. People now able to contact us through the website.
Option to put personal pages on.

6. Kitchen

Need to get on to it to find out what’s required

Coffee machine?
Hard to source parts for…. though Iain from Susie’s would help us
115 quid to service seems reasonable and much overdue.

The hotwater dispenser thing should be installed this week

7. Puppets

Should we give this guy money to make puppets?
Do we need more stuff?
Could recycled materials be used?

ACTION: Will advise puppet man to speak to the settlement. And to talk to
the other puppet people.

8. Studio management

Studio now generating cash.

General issue- will be a part time job, coming in every day. Taking
bookings, explaining space, supervising.

We agreed to pay Robin for his phone. And to give him some
free practice time… 10 hours or so…. But he should keep a diary of his hours

9. Ras
said we need to start prioritising our own stuff, to think about what is
Forest… and to think about what we don’t offer

10. Events Manager
Miroslav agreed.
Danny/Callum on sub committee.

11. Italians
They want to take out the balcony. The organ one. But now we have no proposal. So maybe we should offer to pay the settlement for summer hire.

Gareth mentioned that he still needs a chequebook, Chris.

12. Film festival

Would black out the café… run their own stuff in the evening… and just
generally take over. No one was up for this. But in September…. Maybe.

13. Festival

It was agreed that we need to sort out accommodation for international volunteers a bit earlier this year. Like one or two days before.

14. Outside catering

We should do more festivals….. form a taskforce… enlist Cheney’s genius.