Artist Facilities Meeting 13/1 2010

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Artist Facilities Meeting 13/1 2010

Post by Julie » Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:23 pm

Artist Facilities Meeting 13/1 2010

Nix, Gandolf, Julie, Will, Melonie, Grant, Hamish, Stephen KM, Sam

P: Proposal
AP: Action point


Tools and workshop update
Sound Team

Heater: is broken. David is working on getting a grant to get money to buy a new heating system

Budget: Last year we didn’t have any money. This year the budgets are back. FWG will redo the budgets last week this month.
Events space equipment £400 (expires October)
We will try to get everything that we need 2nd hand or freecycle.. if not, we'll buy it.
AP: Nix will try to get us more money

Launch party is on the 22nd. Sashka is not in UK, should we postpone the party? The Cave would still open. Yes we should.

What need done before the 22nd?
Booking system - Mike is on it.
Membership cards - They are ready.
AP: Nix will try to use Lynnes laminator, if it doesn’t he can try to buy a wee laminator for the Cave and the membershipcards.

Cave Equipment:
The PA
P: Physically modify the mackies (all 4 of them) so we won’t blow the speakers
AP: Gandolf
AP: Grant will replace the driver.

P: Colorcode all equipment and make a poster explaining them.
AP: Nix will colour it
AP: Julie will make a poster

Drumkit: Ready - Hamish is working on it.

Recording: Nix has the BR1600 recording device. He has it in his home, learning how to use it, and writing a manual for it.
P: it should stay in the building -
There are 3 mics for the recording desk.
AP: Julie to find the vocal-condenser-mic (Eric might have it)

P: when we get a new budget lets buy 2 stereo-condenser-mics.
AP: Nix should buy vocal-mics and mic-stands (so we have 9 in all)
AP: Hamish to ask his brother who might have some spare equipment.

AP: Ken Smiley to install a fan or fan-heater

Induction for the Cave: Dates will be decided before 22nd.

We have 3 in all.
They should be tuned (James Brown can do it).
AP: Stephen to talk to James to tune as many pianos as possible for max £100.

Toolsworkshop update
Woodworkshop: Fanny will still be the bottomliner for that project though she lives far away. She will see if she can do it.
Metalworkshop is almost ready. Got some benches, needs more tools and a rackingsystem. We can use max £ 50 to make the workshops ready.
We are still looking for a bottomliner for the metalworkshop

Newcomers Sarah and Simon are moving in this week. Tech area is still there

Screen printing

Moving in to the Crafty room soon since the screen printing room will be rebuild to toilets.
There should still be £150 left to buy materials.
AP: Nix to speak to Neal to get a computer/scanner up and running for the screen printing room.

P: The Crafty Room should be cleared.
AP: Stephen to talk to Blue and Chris and get some people to help…

Café PA: There is an earth-hum
AP: Chris and Nix will take them out and rewire them…

We agreed to use a circuit-breaker to switch off the PA over night. Only the sound team should use it.

Sound Team

What do sound engineers need to know before we can let them loose on our equipment?
We will look through Julie’s “guide” and collaborate to finish it and put it online. Let’s set a 2 week deadline and other people can comment on it, add stuff etc.
It will be put on the bb and you can comment on it. In 2 weeks time I (Julie) will correct the guide and print it.
AP: Julie

We should tidy up the hall and rewire the PA. 23/january at 11.00am
AP: Nix, Julie, Chris Palmer and friends

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