Volly WG - 6th Dec

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Volly WG - 6th Dec

Postby Julie » Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:05 pm

Present: Milk, Julie, Neus, Hannah, Jonny-chan, Donald

Agenda points:

* Previous Volly meet Action Points
* Barring people
* Forest Volunteer Guide
* Volly Party!! Xmas? NYE?
* Volunteer mailing list

* Previous Volly meet Action Points

We went through previous APs, only outstanding issue is regarding the conflict engagement workshops, but Nathalie and Maria are not present.

AP: Hannah to talk to N & M about a conflict/barring workshop.

* Barring people

Sometimes barring is clear cut, sometimes it is not. Who has the final say on questionable cases? FWG ultimatly, but at the time it's for the KM/NM to decide.

Confirmation of barring process is wanted. There are no written guidelines, but the NM training advises that a warning should be given first. There is also a private NM subforum on the BB with a barred thread containing photographs.

New barred cam?

(Milk to print Barred Folk photos for the volly toilet)

AP: Milk to add other NMs to the private forum.
AP: Milk to confirm with the FWG for basic barring guidelines
AP: Milk to speak to FWG about monies for a new camera

* Volly Party!! Xmas? NYE?

When is the next Forest Volly party? EVS folk will be away for much of the holiday season. Two parties, one before, one after? Stair painting party? First party of 2010? 8th Jan? Close cafe at 9pm? BYOB-no-spirits doesn't apply to private volly events. Nativity theme? 60s Nativity? Chest rugs, medallions, bell-bottoms, tie-die, etc...

AP: Hannah to "Make It So".

* Volunteer mailing list

Automatically adding volly e-mails to the mailing list? Hannah says that she checks for volunteers who last more than a couple of weeks then adds them to the list.

Volly WG arrangements?

Invite more volunteers and get FWG/admin to talk? Depends on who is coming. Posters are make for it already, as is the volly mailing list to notify people about it. Vollies to pimp it to other vollies in the kitchen/etc.

Possible handsign poster to entice folk into coming? An idea..

AP: All to pimp.

* Forest Volunteer Guide

Jonny, milk and Hannah look at it and comment.

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Re: Volly WG - 6th Dec

Postby Stephen » Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:45 pm

Would realy rather not have the pictures of the people who threaten/ abuse make life hell put up in the vollie toilet, please, in fact i would block this sugestion on the grounds that i want to poo in peace and don't think we should give these people the glory of disturbing what is one of our more vulnerable moments. Good idea to have a camera again and then you can flick through it if you see someone who you suspect of being barred but are not sure. Who's going to take the picture, should be fun. To be fair i think that this is more something for km/nm and your vollie who is in the space/contributes/involved to deal with. Would not be nice for every new volunteer to have to deal with this.

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Re: Volly WG - 6th Dec

Postby milk » Thu Dec 10, 2009 11:58 pm

scout has made a proposal to the FWG;

so: last day of business would be 23rd dec, and reopening on 2nd jan.
potentially to have a volly only party during that time?

shall keep people informed of this.
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