Cafe and Events Meeting - 15 October - Minutes

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Cafe and Events Meeting - 15 October - Minutes

Postby Hannah » Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:09 pm

Cafe and Events Meeting 14/10/2009, 7.30pm
present: Hannah (KM), Stephen, Hannah (EVS), Maria

1.Events: first weekend of november liquor licence training
- new kitchen manager
- Nightmanagers
- Health and Hygiene Improvements
- other

1. Events: first weekend of November
- we applied for a temporary licence for Thur 5th Nov-Sun 8th Nov, although we applied for a 3am-licence its unlikely we'll get it but we should get the 1am licence
- plans for that weekend so far:
Thursday 5th – Cafe: Folk Night (Rantum Scantum and other bands) / Hall: Casino Night – rough plan: have Poker etc., it's allowed to have Casino Nights if no single person spends more than 10Pounds/night; we could have a cash pot, giving half to the top-3 and half to the Forest – lots of work needed!! Quick!
Friday 6th – Cafe: Jiggery Fuckery (confirmed, DIY is organising) / Hall: White Heath organise a band night (hopefully!); Sound Engeneer needed
Saturday 7th – Cafe: Plastastic Fork (Naughty Boys, Head, Atzi will play; Stephen is organising) / Hall: Chris Palmer will through a party
Sunday 8th – Nix's Reggae Night (?!)
- AP Hannah: ask Martin to make poster/flyer

2. Next liquor licence training
- is set for Monday, 26 October; Lynn and Alex will do it
- it would be good to include some training on how to deal with difficult/drunk/aggressive customers or aggressive individuals within a group – maybe the Tranquility Team could do something about it – AP Maria: talk to Nat, maybe set something up

3. Kitchen
new kitchen manager
- Hannah will only stay KM at the Forest till the end of December: we need adverds looking for new KM as soon as possible; conduct interviews by mid of November; decide by end of November in order to be able to train the new KM in December

- we need more nightmanagers, as there haven't been many new NM lately. It should be responsible and trustworthy volunteers
- NM training should be arranged soon, should be done properly, the NM checklist should be updated
- as all EVS are NMs now it stops others from signing up as NM – EVS could not sign up as NM anymore but just do their shifts as an “extra NM” - this might also be good when the NM has to close up/deal with difficult customers
- AP Hannah: get 2 small address books: 1 for updated volunteer contact details, 1 for NM details
Health and Safety Improvements

to be done:
- print/laminate signs about kitchen hygiene, tick list for NMs, a cleaning plan (daily checklist) and put it on kitchen wall – AP Hannah
- we need to put signs on sinks
- we need to get chef caps, some black aprons, multisurface antibacterial wipes/spray (check Green City Catalogue)
- cloths (surfaces/food) aren't supposed to be mixed – get “colourcode”
- get strings to dry tea towels
- have the next “Volunteer Work Party” by the end of november: close the cafe on a sunday, get lots of little jobs in the kitchen and the building done, later dinner/party for volunteers
- food that is not dated when it is delivered must be dated immediately – we should get some more tubs, e.g. for falafel balls
- kitchen hygiene should be part of volunteer induction/guide
other: there was the idea of having signs in the cafe that tell Forest “rules” but more aiming to show that we as a community must all work together in order not to be shut down – a group of people could write these signs, afterwards they should go through all Working Groups and therefore be agreed on by all of us
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Re: Cafe and Events Meeting - 15 October - Minutes

Postby nix » Fri Oct 16, 2009 10:30 am

Hannah wrote:Sunday 8th – Nix's Reggae Night (?!)

this is confirmed.

Mad Bands and the Heaviest Dubs this side of Bognor.
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Re: Cafe and Events Meeting - 15 October - Minutes

Postby scoutwinter » Sun Oct 18, 2009 3:32 pm

multipurpose spray is under the counter in the kitchen with the other cleaning stuff

we can use bandannas instead of chefs hats. let's not BUY things. don't be crazy!
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Re: Cafe and Events Meeting - 15 October - Minutes

Postby Newington Bandit » Mon Oct 26, 2009 12:15 pm

I'm going to start a stash of empty handsoap bottles in the dry store, by the way, gathering them from people at work at the moment.
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