Front of House - Minutes 1/06/09

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Front of House - Minutes 1/06/09

Post by scoutwinter » Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:08 pm

present - Tove, Joey, scoutt

* mural
* old hat books library opening
* sad plants
* next meeting

See "a new meeting" thread in Front Of House for background information. Debate about where to have the mural - not to crowd the cafe or conflict with A0 project. Suggest - window wall of cafe. Try to incorporate the animals painted by Faith. If not possible, ask Faith to do a larger painting above the cafe kitchen? FOH would rather that the design does NOT include images of violence/torture, but we do like the forest theme. Aim to have contacted the artist and received reply with confirmation by next meeting.
AP: Tove to follow up with Mirja & artist

Old Hat Book Library
the new lending library opening is June 10th, 4-6pm.
AP: Joey/scoutt/Tove to arrange front room morning of Monday 7th June (move bookcase)
AP: scoutt to find out about providing free tea/cakes for opening

Plants in the cafe
the potted plants that Tove bought are sick and dying. Discussion about how to help them survive or whether to replace them. Decision to try to keep remaining plants happy by keeping them on window sills and rotating them into the light, avoid over-watering - as well as trying to find a flower supply from florists.
AP: scoutt and Tove to ask florists for flower discards for free
AP: Tove to rotate plants

next meeting - monday 6th July 7pm in the action room!
It would be great if someone from Old Hat Books and someone from Bizaart came along to the next meeting!
agenda for next meeting - follow up mural discussion

please send agenda points to Tove

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Re: Front of House - Minutes 1/06/09

Post by scoutwinter » Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:12 pm

Forgot to mention
that in the front room we would like to have specific furniture. We will try to sort this out on monday 7th june, and identify all the front room furniture by either fabric patch or paint on underside of tables so that we can keep the front room lookin' its spiffiest.

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Re: Front of House - Minutes 1/06/09

Post by ChaoticReality » Tue Jun 02, 2009 5:00 am

Sounds cool. I should probably be around to help you set the front room up.

Please don't take all the nice furniture from the cafe, though.

Dawnsio 'mlaen i'r gwres prynhawn a rwy'n addo erbyn yfori byddai wedi mynd, hwyl fawr i pawb, hwyl fawr i pawb...

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Re: Front of House - Minutes 1/06/09

Post by Tove evs » Tue Jun 09, 2009 2:49 pm

So during the week I have discussed the mural on the big wall in the cafe every time I have remember it with different people.

Some thinks the previous murals Janet Brown-Reinitz has done is to political for the main wall, some likes it and some seems to think the project ( to work together and form the mural) seems to be an interesting idea to try out.

So this is still some things to discuss:

Should we keep the A0 on the big wall in the cafe?
If so, where is the best place for the mural by Janet Brown-Reinitz?
on the last front of house meeting we where thinking about having it on the window wall of cafe, maybe thats a good option?

I have also discussed with several people to have another mural on the main wall in the cafe, some options is Magda or the marmot. Maybe some other local artist is interested of painting that wall?

What else?

I´ve asked Faith if she was interested to paint something on the wooden things in front of the sound system.
And I still think it would be nice to sand and vanish the floor in the café...

Kata, the new evs who comes on friday will have the front of house as her personal project. So thats means we are two.

see you, if not before, on the opening of old hat and books.

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