Committee meeting minutes 30/02/05

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Committee meeting minutes 30/02/05

Post by beev » Sun Feb 13, 2005 10:30 pm

Committee meeting, Sunday 30/02/05

Present: Duncan, Magda, Chris, Ryan, Neil, Georgina, Joanna, Elina, Gareth, Robin, Ras
Apologies: Dan, Marie, Bryony, Mikey, Nick

1. Grant application
2. studio update
3. money/settlement
4. shop
5. car
6. money x 3
7. Proposal
8. building
9. accommodation
10. check book

1.This photographer wanted us to pay part of the £300 for an exhibition. Action: Taking into account that there’s also Aaron’s thing we decided to wait a fortnight on it

2. Next weekend studio will be done. On Saturday we will get a skip for all the
junk. Everyone is welcome to help. Oh and it will be painted pink or orange or

3. We owe the settlement money( a grand and a half) for the festival and
newyears. Who’s paying to get the boiler fixed? Do we build the staircase? if
so does settlement or Italians pay for it? Settlement want 15 grand if there’s
a staircase.

4.Camille and Rosie will do the shop

5. New car costs £800, as opposed to 250 before.ouch. How to get some ot that back? Car club: 10/month for each member( there cant be more than six or seven members). Forest will be a member and gets priority. Whoever wrecks it pays to get it fixed and forest pays for wear&tear.

8.Maybe settlement should be paying for certain things. eg Dan is managing the building for free. By the way Dan is retiring from that and needs a

9.Need to start looking for august accomodiation. Maybe we can get Guthrie
again? Need sound engineer. must advertise post

10. Gareth demands a check book and he will get it.

PS: Apologies for the state of these minutes. I was in a bad mood when I took
them. so shoot me in the leg…