VA meeting 27/11/08

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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VA meeting 27/11/08

Post by michaelbowdidge » Thu Nov 27, 2008 8:25 pm

Forest Visual Arts Working Group: minutes 27/11/08

Present: Emi, Simone, Stephen, Matteus, Mike, Melanie.

Apologies: Martin

Jack Webb: Emi said that she had offered Jack another slot seeing as the previously arranged one clashed with the building day on Sunday. Not sure if he would be able to do this as he had originally said that he could only do November.

Empty slots: Genevieve Ryan to be offered free slot commencing Monday 1st December through to 12th December. Emi to phone her to confirm.

Emi to make photograms over the weekend of the 20th /21st December and also we to have a Shit-legged and Faceless gallery party 8 pm onwards on Saturday night. Pass the Parcel, Mike to ‘play’ guitar and do flyer. Everyone to be Merry.

Emi to take over the email from Simone. Website and mailing list to be reviewed in January, Matteus may take the website over then. Simone to keep gallery topped up with leaflets.

Possibilities for moving forward/making better: longer shows, more promotion (leaflets in galleries?) more projects which involve us creatively/curation? Maybe incorporate a ‘strategy strand’ into monthly meetings from now on? Away day arranged for sat 25th Jan: tea at Simones’s.

Action point: Martin to design new A4 poster using the call for submissions which Mike wrote in September (it’s on the bb).

Matteus suggested that we work towards building a database of contacts – members to bring useful contact details to January meeting. It was also suggested this could perhaps become part of a larger city wide project in the long-term?

Other possibilities: Group shows/ Forest Open? Members show? Show swaps with other autonomous centres?

Submissions: Daniel Young - rejected. Emi to contact.
Peter Williams to be offered 2 day show 2-3rd March 2009 - Stephen
Mike to chase Nick Chaite re. Tattoo show? Drop this in after Peter Williams if he confirms those dates are ok?
Michael Steven – offer 2 week slot in 2009 – Simone to handle.

A.O.B: Mike to put renewed call out for minividfest2 at xmas?
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