Minutes of Forest Committee meeting 07/11/04

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes

Minutes of Forest Committee meeting 07/11/04

Post by beev » Sun Nov 14, 2004 1:52 am

Minutes of Meeting 7/11/04

In the house: Ryan, Nick, Duncan, Georgina, Bryony, Ras, Magda, Chris, Joanna
Apologies: Robin, Neil. John Kerry.


Work will commence again on Tuesday and Thursday, said Robin, in absentia.

External festival taskforce

Chris said he thought that although the whole selling food and making lots of cash at festivals (cf Green man) thing was good, there were many, greater possibilities such as music and doing some shit. He proposed the creation of a task force to promote and co-ordinate such things. We said you mean a subcommittee? He said I mean a taskforce.

Action- A sign shall be made, an email sent out to speaks. Georgina shall do these things.

Fix it (1)

All the toilets are now working, but the upstairs should be kept for staff/disabled use. Chris reminded everyone that no tampons, sanitary towels, hose pipes, doors, rocks, glasses, shoes, spanners, alum keys should be put down them. All present solemnly swore to do no such thing. There is, however, some kind of leak.

Action- Ryan authorised to get Ken to sort it.

Fix it (2)

The Video switcher box is looking ropy too.

Action- Dashing Duncan will see to it, in cahoots with Palmer


Who will do tomorrow? Said Ryan.Shifts in general, he said, are going well.
However, more people should be strongly encouraged to do cleaning shifts.

Action- Jo and Ry will encourage people to do cleaning shifts as well


So caught up are we in the running of the place, that the having of fun, the doing of cool stuff, may actually not be happening all that much. So we should have a very massive open party, which as well as being awesome, will also be a good opportunity to bring people together. The weekend of December 10th was eventually agreed, despite some reservations about it being slap bang wallop in the middle of university exams. Upstairs will be used, We’ll get a liquor licence. Ideas include THE DO, a car boot sale, folk stuff, kids stuff, poetry, The Very, The Showmen and other things. We should also flyer heavily, get the List on board.

Action- to knock this into practice, there’ll be a meeting on Tuesday (9th)
at 7 sharp. Nick will send a notification email.


Duncan’s handover beginning, to Gareth, who appears a nice chap and is probably not a spy even though he works for the Scottish Executive (who, according to a reliable jakey, have been told all about us).

General administration post?

Duncan suggested the creation of this post, and that Theresa, who also
applied for the treasurer post, could be suitable.

Action- I suppose Duncan will ask her.


We love them. Ras has done an awesome job, already far outstripping the huge achievements of his predecessor. The mask making workshop was especially impressive. Ryan wondered whether it could all build to some sort of presentation/workshop event/day. It was pointed out that the workshops aren’t currently on the website.

Action- Jon will be asked to put them on

There was no other business.[/u]