Volunteer Meeting – 29th May 2005

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Volunteer Meeting – 29th May 2005

Post by Gaz » Mon May 30, 2005 1:03 am

Volunteer Meeting – 29th May 2005

1. The History of the Forest
2. Volunteer Manual
3. Night Shifts
4. PA Confusion
5. Danny – a man on a mission
6. Sayonara Yoko
7. Darkroom
8. Bongo Fundraiser
9. The end of the Uni year
10. Future events
11. Kitchen skills
12. Jonathan
13. Volunteer Contracts
14. Jo
15. A phone keeps ringing

1. Duncan gave an overview of the history of the Forest for any new people. This took less than 5 minutes so it was both brief and informative!

2. Jo gave out the newly published Volunteer Manual. We all read it carefully. Only one point came up. We need a lost property section – both in the manual and in the real life Forest. Chris will make one if one can be found.

3. Sasha talked about night shifts. They aren’t so much fun and it’s either one person signed up or none at all. How can we improve the situation? Answer…international volunteers living in the basement will do it in exchange for food and space on the bunk beds, and maybe some water. Volunteers asked about the shift hours system…can they be more flexible? Yes it is possible but working less than 4 hours will result in no free meal and quite possibly hunger. It is quite possible to share a shift too. e.g. you do half a shift, someone else does half a shift. It is also possible to do 30 minutes washing up for a free coffee if the Kitchen Manager announces it. Kitchen Managers will try these and other exciting tactics to lure people into the kitchen in the evening.

4. Simon pondered the PA / Mixer situation. Why no sound out of right speaker? Chris explained the untimely passing of the old PA. We’re going to get a new one but we don’t know when. Also do we want to get sponsorship of a new PA? It’s possible if we like the company…we’ll explore the possibilities. On a related issue – no-one is to go in the tech room for equipment for events. It is out of bounds…don’t go down there. There is no equipment in there anymore.

5. Danny spoke about his various “Missions”. If you would like to join him please speak to him about it.
i) There is a Forest Writing Group – the current topic is “Wasted”. Go to the Forest blog to check it out.
ii) Exploring themes across art forms, especially music.
iii) Music and making recordings in the Forest. Danny would like to mic up the Forest to make samples. This will require making people aware that he’s doing this.
iv) Collection of quotes about the Forest and publishing them.
v) Putting stuff on wall. There is some confusion about how to go about this without getting it pulled down. The Committee will talk about this and clarify how walls work.

6. Yoko is leaving. We were sad. She said “I had a really good time here. Thank you.” She said she will also give everyone a hickey. Ki o tsukete ne!

7. Matt proclaimed “We have a darkroom!” or rather we will do in 3 weeks. It is being built in the old tech room. They need help to do the building. If you can help speak to Matt or Chris. It’s gonna be good. There will be classes and public access at rock bottom prices (£5 or £6 for a 3 hour session!) Matt will teach you all about darkrooms too.

8. Dave was wondering how the fundraiser went at the Bongo. Fun-wise it was great. Money-wise it could have been better…a profit of £90 was made. Sasha said wisely “it was a learning mission” The Committee will discuss the possibility of another event.

9. Dave warned us of the inevitable downturn now the uni year is at an end. Fear not…the G8 is soon and then the Festival…that’ll keep us busy we-thinks.

10. Nicholas brought up a little question about future events. They should be better advertised and more general involvement would be appreciated by all.

11. Jonathan bewailed the lack of kitchen skills of some volunteers. Some don’t know how to make food. Are volunteers being trained properly? It’s a Can’t Cook Won’t Cook situation…but maybe slightly less entertaining.

12. Jonathan then spoke about himself...a hush descended. He then gave notice of his resignation as Kitchen Manager. The reasons were; he feels uncomfortable about being paid, he doesn’t like it in the kitchen and he feels his skills could be better utilised elsewhere, i.e. in community relations. Therefore we need another Kitchen Manager….er, would you like to do it? It’s great. If so please put your name forward to a Kitchen Manager or Committee Member. Jonathan will continue to work for 2-4 weeks until a shiny new KM is found.

13. Jo then said something about the Volunteer contracts not having a space for phone numbers…this will be sorted.

14. Jo also announced her resignation as Volunteer Co-ordinator. She’s now too busy but we all agreed she’s been great. Jo is going away on June 10th so we need a new Volunteer Co-ordinator quite soon….er, would you like to do it? It’s great. If so please put your name forward to Jo or any other committee member. Jo will return though as Librarian.

15. Jonathan doesn’t like it when the phone keeps ringing. It’s annoying.

That was the end of the meeting.
Chris said “Thank God”
We then has some more drinks.