Committee meeting April 3rd 2005

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Committee meeting April 3rd 2005

Post by george » Thu Apr 14, 2005 5:38 pm

[u]Sunday April 3rd[/u]

Present: Nick, Aaron, Tim, Jo (facilitator), Neil, Chris, Dan, Jon, George (minutetaker), Camille, Marcin, Kassia, Miroslav, Robin, Jane and Rosie.

1. Art
2. Events posters
3. Events
4. Art in Kitchen
5. Kitchen/Planning& Funding
6. Volunteer meeting
7. Politics
8. Events
9. Hello and Goodbye
10. pr
11. Shop
12. New lock
13. Barrings

1. Aaron introduced Kasia and Marcin as the new arts people. They’re bursting with ideas and all is good
2. The events posters were not that great
Action: Miroslav’s already on it.
3. As part of the renewed events subcommittee, Miroslav will be in charge of organizing and coordinating events.
4. Art and Events occasionally clash
Action: It will be put in the Arts contract that art may occasionally be taken down for events. If the artists deem their art too fragile to be taken down by events people they can do it themselves. They will be contacted by the Events person on said occasion (another one of the Events persons tasks)
RUgaim II: Is kicking off soon. They were granted 100 free sandwiches
5. Many yummy surprises coming to the Forest kitchen. It’s all on the go.(things costing money have to happen first).
6. The volunteer meeting/Party will happen monthly and was booked into the events book
7. Bry had been budy and is not really on the political stuff anymore. Seems like Ulla and Arienne are doing stuff behind the scenes though.
8. Committee members should be doing more events. 5 Kitchen shifts will equal an event. You will comply or will be ousted.
Also, Christopher wanted us to buy a new video projector(£500). We said no, we already have a spare one. (The next day Mikey dropped the spare one and it is dead…what can I say)
9. Dan said Goodbye(sniff). A new Dan will be appointed.
10. We need to get publicity going
Action:Jo will put a box in the kitchen for people who want to be on mail list. And we will flyer around hostels etc.
11.The Shop is doing ok. Selling lots of Submit. Make sure chairs and stuff are not in the way and that the black light is on.
12. There is finally a new lock on the door from the café through to the Church entrance. Action: Chris will put a mail flap thingy on the office door for night volunteers to deposit the key in when they lock up
13.The booze is back and so are the booze abusers. It is now officially ok to kick them off the pavement outside forest as well.