Sound engineering at Forest - workshop Wednesday 19th 5 pm!

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Sound engineering at Forest - workshop Wednesday 19th 5 pm!

Postby Tin » Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:23 pm

Hi all,

if you want to get involved with helping at Forest events and learn about sound engineering come along on Wednesday at 5pm to learn some basics!
No prior knowledge necessary, we'll show you everything. Forest will be closed so there'll be plenty of time for trying out all the equipment and for everyone to have a go on the mixing desk and questions. We'll have another training session the week after and plenty of opportunities to shadow at events or jump right in and do sound at upcoming Forest Events!
There's loads of gigs on in August, from spoken word (which is only one microphone usually) to open mic (usually one vocal mic, one guitar/keyboard) to full band shows. So there's something for everyone to try out our new skills and level up through August for anyone who wants to get involved. If you just wanna have a look if it's something you might be interested in or are a performer starting out who wants to know more about this, that's cool too, everyone welcome!

Wednesday, 19th, 5pm at the Forest!

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