● General Working Groups schedule, January - December 2010

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● General Working Groups schedule, January - December 2010

Post by milk » Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:04 am

Forest is open again! Check http://3.ly/forestguide for up-to-date Forest how-to knol including what the Working Groups are for and how to get involved in the doing process this year.

● Volunteer WG - First Sunday of the month, 5pm
● Café and Events WG - First Thursday of the month, 7pm
● Artist Facilities WG - First Wednesday of the month, 7pm
● Action WG - Second Sunday of the month, 7pm
● Behind the Scenes WG - Third Thursday of the month, 8pm
● Visual Arts WG - Last Thursday of the month, 7pm

It's advised that you check the events calendar on the website for the most current event info. Forest co-ordinators have access to add and edit these items. For WG meets, it's advisable to start a thread in the Events forum to remind other interested parties and garner Aganda Points or arrange any group action required.
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Re: ● General Working Groups schedule, January - December 2010

Post by Hannah » Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:26 pm

Thanks Milk for doing this and especially for updating the web calendar! I also put up a poster in the Action Room where the 2009 Working Group Calendar used to be, giving the dates for the meetings until June 2010.

Here's what you can find on the poster:


How our Working Groups are organised
A working group is a team of people who share certain responsibilities in order to try to achieve the mission of that particular group. Working group meetings are advertised in the front room and on the website, and are open to everyone who'd like to be more involved and take on some level of responsibility in any aspect of running the forest.
All working group meetings try to operate with consensus decision-making. This means that decisions seek the agreement of all participants, and also the resolution or mitigation of minority objections. Basically, the meeting tries to come to an agreement that suits everyone - peoples' concerns are taken into account and synergised into the final decision.
Our working groups have annual budgets and are autonomous – they are able to take decisions that affect them directly.
One person should be nominated facilitator and one person a minute-taker. The facilitator's job is to make sure the discussion stays on topic, the flow of comments is orderly and everyone gets heard. A series of hand gestures are also used to improve efficiency. Hand gestures help the facilitator by showing what kind of comment you have to make. Ask someone to explain this to you at the start of the meeting. Don't be afraid to say "what the ----?!" if you get confused! Minute-takers record the discussion and decisions taken and post the text onto the BB afterwards.
Feel free to come to the next working group meeting for the area(s) that interests you. The meetings are open to all and we welcome those who wish to participate in The Forest community. Check out the BB for upcoming meeting agenda points and to make sure specific events are still on.

Working Group Dates

Volunteer Working Group - First Sunday every month, 5pm.
January 3rd – February 7th – March 7th – April 4th – May 2nd – June 6th
A forum for all aspects of volunteering including general issues in The Forest and volunteer morale and retention. Organises occasional volunteer parties! Also redirects queries to the appropriate WG and/or coordinator

Café and Events Working Group - First Thursday every month, 7pm.
January 14th – February 4th – March 4th – April 1st – May 6th - June 3rd
Building, Events & Promo, Film, Kitchen/Health & Safety, Posters & Advertising, Front of House

Action Working Group - Second Sunday of the month, 7pm.

January 10th – February 14th – March 14th – April 11th – May 16th – June 13th
Community Action, Crafty Room, Action Room, Environment & Garden, Workshops

Artist Facilities Working Group - First Wednesday of the month, 7pm.

January 13th – February 3rd - March 4th – April 7th – May 5th - June 2nd
The Cave (Music Studio), Darkroom & Photography, Forest Publishing, Forest Records, Library, Computers, Equipment, Technology & Broken Things, Screen Printing, managing the six artist studios (located on the Balcony), and co-ordinating the Sound Team

Behind the Scenes Working Group - Third Thursday every month, 8pm.

January 21st - February 18th- March 18th - April 15th - May 20th - June 17th
Business & Admin, Projects, Shop, Website, Freeshop

Visual Arts Working Group - Last Thursday of the month, 7pm.
January 28th – February 25th – March 25th – April 29th – May 27th – June 24th
This group deals with the running of TotalKunst, The Forest's art gallery.

Forest Working Group

Issues that affect the Forest as a whole and working group conflicts and budgets are dealt with by the Forest Working Group, a team of longer-term volunteers who have been actively involved in general working groups for three or more months and have consistently achieved action points and taken on further responsibility. Membership of the Forest Working Group is subject to the approval of the current members of the Forest Working Group.

Other regular meetings:

Front of House Action Day – fortnightly on Saturdays at 11am (Jan 16th / Jan 30th / Feb 13th / Feb 27th)
for everyone who wants to be creative and make the Forest look awesome
Volunteer Induction – fortnightly on Sundays at 3pm (Jan 24th / Feb 7th / Feb 21st / March 7th / March 21st )
a tour around the Forest for new volunteers: we talk about what we do and how we work and answer all questions

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