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Post by Ila » Sun Nov 08, 2009 6:48 pm

Monday 9th November

7-8.30pm - Stop The War
Discussion, film and music

9-11pm - Film night

Tuesday 10th November

5.30-8.30pm - Touch and Self-Love
Demonstration of the importance of touch to heal with self-love. Film, music, poetry and dance.

9-11pm - You Say Regina, We Say Regyna
Three piece band playing music a la Ani Difranco

Wednesday 11th November

5pm - 6.30pm - Calla La Orden
Spanish rap. Two Spanish twins singing social subjects

7pm - 8pm - Gramophone Hour
Music from ’78 from 7-8

9-11pm - Boru Into The Swarm
Envy no one, you are equal to all. Acoustic poetry by Ego Is Enemy.

Thursday 12th November

7-11pm - Dulcimer Virtuousing Gudrun Sings
Relaxing music and dance.

Friday 13th November

5-11pm - Get ready to Stop The War march
Film, drama and music all night.

Saturday 14th November

12noon-4pm - Pippi Longstocking
Reading with Old Hat Books Library by Gudrun (Pippi style! Costume, cream cake and maybe a horse?)
Readings will continue at 7pm

5-6.30pm - Free Thinkers Society
Speaks and group discussion.

9-11pm - The Foo Foo Valves
Blues and progressive rock.

Sunday 15th November

5-11pm- Dreamily Women
Is a collective of mainly women performers, singer-song-writers, poets and dancers.


All workshops are FREE and open to everybody. Share skills – create a workshop. Contact: workshops@theforest.org.uk

Mon, 11-11.35am: Chi Kung for beginners (Hall)
Mon, 12 noon - 1pm: Self Defence for beginners (Hall)
Tue, 7-9pm: Forest Choir (Hall)
Tue, 8.30pm-late: Forest Drama Group (Hall)
Wed, 2-3pm: Gaelic for beginners (Crafty Room)
Wed, 7.30pm-9pm: Spanish for beginners (Crafty R.)
Thu, 11-11.35am: Chi Kung for beginners (Hall)
Thu, 7-9pm: English for beginners (Crafty Room)
Fri, 5-6pm: Self Defence for beginners (Hall)
Sun, 2-5pm: FREESHOP (café)


The Forest Café needs sound engineers! Are you one yourself, do you know anyone? Tell them to come to the Forest and talk to us! Or send an email to volunteer@theforest.org.uk


Aromatherapy Chair Massage
With Alex Hight BSc (Hons)
Dip Aroma & Reflex
For appointment: 079 7 4589 836

Haircuts are back this week!
SNIP & SIP hair and vodka saloon
Professional haircuts with a shot of vodka!
For appointment:
Magda 0786 320 6450

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Re: WEEKLY PROGRAM 9th - 15th

Post by Rodeta (Neus) » Sun Nov 08, 2009 11:07 pm

The drama group timing is wrong.
We start at 9:30 on tuesday
Hope to see you in the hall by then, we're active again!!
Life is beautiful. The bad thing is that people confuse beautiful with easy.

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