Tranquillity at the Forest

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Tranquillity at the Forest

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Mon October 12th, 6pm, Forest
Mon 2nd November, 6pm, Forest


Come along to find out more
-We hold regular, friendly and informal discussion groups dealing with Conflict engagement and Non Violent Communication as well as other related issues. There will be books and support materials, but the focus will be informal - sharing our own experiences and efforts.
-Drop in to learn more, practice and share your experiences. No need to know anything in advance, just drop in!

What is Tranquility at the Forest?
Within the Forest we have an opportunity to create more co-operative and supportive ways of relating to each other than wider society provides. A Tranquility team helps in facilitating and supporting this opportunity.

What could Tranquility at the Forest look like?
- Tranquility could be described as an ethos, a feeling that we are all responsible and committed to maintaining the Forest as an open safe space for everyone.

-A Tranquility team is a group of people who work to provide members of the Forest with the skills, confidence and resources with which to work through issues before conflicts become destructive

Want to get involved or know more?
Email to find out more or just drop in!

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