Enlighted Ideas - Bowery Friday 7.30pm

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Enlighted Ideas - Bowery Friday 7.30pm

Post by Emma » Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:39 pm

This came into the info address today.

Dear all,

EID and Enlightened Ideas would like to invite you for a drink a chat at the Bowery this Friday from 7.30pm.

Enlightened Ideas helps you keep track of what's going on and find weblinks about what people are doing, but by far the best way to find out more is to come along and meet everyone!

We'd like to invite everyone on the Enlightened Ideas Network and anyone else interested in the growing network of interdisciplinary societies to come along for a drink, meet up and chat with like-minded people. Also if you want to get more involved, we hoping to find people to help out with the network/help keep groups going on the ground.

Everyone at our meets have always been very friendly and we've had some pretty eclectic nights so we hope this will be one of them.

We'll be in the Bowery reading room (just off the main sitting area) and everyone will be welcome to a free drink just to get things going...

Hope to see you then,

Michael and Ellen,
EID and Enlightened Ideas


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