This year's D.I.Y Festival

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This year's D.I.Y Festival

Post by Lynne » Wed Sep 02, 2009 4:50 pm

Hello folks,

If you are putting on an event at the DIY festival this year can you please send us the following information ASAP

* Who are you and what event(s) you are putting on
* One short sentence that describes yourself or your organisation
* One contact detail, preferabbly a website but an email address will suffice
* A picture related to your event and/or your organisation
* And whether you will be creating your own poster for the event, or if you would like the DIY team to create one for you

We know it's short notice but can we PLEASE have this information by Thursday the 4th of September at 10am
We need this information so we can finalise the details of the programme and refresh the website.

Apologies if you received this email when you shouldn't have, we had to send it to all our contacts to make sure no one was missed out.

Love and kisses,
the GDIY 09 Team

Glasgow Festival of DIY Culture 2009

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