Young People in the Arts Scotland (YPIA) and general EID upd

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Young People in the Arts Scotland (YPIA) and general EID upd

Post by Lynne » Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:49 pm

Dear All,

Hope you are all having a good summer and are enjoying the usual festival madness. We've been biding our time over the summer ready for more discussions in autumn, but there are still a number of opportunities to get involved in interesting interdisciplinary projects...

Enlightened Ideas Network

We've been having a good response on the Enlightened Ideas Network (, so thanks for all who have signed up. We always need people to put up interesting ideas, events and groups they are involved in, so sign up now if you haven't already and please put your ideas and groups up too!

Young People in the Arts Scotland

We're not the only group who think interdisciplinary networks are the way to go... Kirsten from Scottish Chamber Orchestra has sent us this little gem. Hope to see you all there:


Saturday 29 August 2009 at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre

13-29 Nicolson St, Edinburgh, EH8 9FT

2.30pm drinks (welcoming drink from YPIA on arrival)

3pm panel discussion and Q&A

Followed by more time for networking drinks

How can we create work which crosses art-form boundaries?

Svend Brown (Chair), East Neuk Festival & Perth Concert Hall

Julie Ellen, Playwright’s Studio

Caroline Winn, Hebrides Ensemble

Katie Stuart, Dance Base

Your opportunity to get their expert advice and ask your questions

BOOK NOW! We have limited number of tickets available for this event so make sure you get yours!

There is a small charge of £3 to cover costs and please book your tickets in advance by clicking HERE or visiting the events page at

YPIA is open to all - please feel free to forward this invitation on to any of your friends or colleagues who you think would enjoy the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Jude, Ed, Kirsten and Laura

YPIA committee


Interdisciplinary Competition

There isn't much longer to go if you want to enter our interdisciplinary competition - just go to find out more on how to participate - it looks very official but that's just to help us find out exactly how to help you best. We're looking for any interesting ideas that cross disciplines, just jot down what you'd like to do and send it in! We look forward to receiving your entries...

Finally, look out for any events and groups that are doing interesting stuff on Enlightened Ideas - we'll have another night to meet everyone again in the autumn.

Hope to see you soon,
Michael & Ellen

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