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Open every day from 10-3am (from 8th August)

Tuesday 4th August

7.30pm – 9pm in Café – Two Light Town
Two Light Town eschew typical pop lyric subject matter in favor of the oddball, quirky, and occasionally philisophical.

9.30pm – 11.30pm in Café – The Naughty Boys
Dan Seizure - Keys and Loops
Stevie Patterson - Percussion and Keys
Peter Perfido - Drums
Ryan Van Winkle - Spoken Words
+ special guests and other happenings! You will come!

Wednesday 5th August

1.30pm – 3pm in Café - Iona Bain & Jànos String Trio Vocal, viola, violin and cello in a vibrant ensemble.

7pm – 8pm in Café – Gramophone Hour

9pm – 1am in Café – Annex
Martin and Michael from Total Kunst (aka DJs cyanblack and smutley) bring you a night of full-on, dance floor friendly electronica.
Their musical alter-egos will be spinning everthing from 80's synth pop through to techno and drum & bass. A ridiculously good time is guaranteed.

Thursday 6th August

6pm – 1am in Hall – The Bowery @ the Forest
The Bowery will be taking over the upstairs church for much deliciousness and stockinged calves.
There will be cupcakes, bands, drinking, oddness and DJ sets from your favourite Bowerettes.
Jesus H Foxx // Panda Su // Tisso Lake // And more surprises!

9pm – 1am in Café – Disaster Party (Punk Night)
Billy and Jason DJ & rock out!

Friday 7th August

6pm – 1am all over The Forest! – Opening Party!
Rikki Psych-country plus Norman Silver & the Gold, Denghis and DJ John Quo.
Come and be entertained by The Gold, a morose country and western band, followed by Denghis, a heavy blue-collar country rock band.
To keep up the good vibes DJ John Quo will rock the turntable and the bands will create a mellow psychedelic country-ish jam.

Saturday 8th August

8pm – 3am in Café – Police Box
Former Forest Cafe resident 'The Police Box' presents its annual festival special, bringing you a bill that will be revealed only on the night.

Sunday 9th August

3pm – 3.30 in Café – The Forest vine quartet
plays classical music.

9pm – 3am in Hall – Reggae Sunday
Live Bands & Heavy dubs.

9pm – 3am in Café – Julie Crockett and The Evangenitals Evangenitals presents an explosion of live music and theater: They will present excerpts from the play "The Dawn of Quixote: Chapter the First" followed by musicians: Acoustic Butterfly, Scunner, Steph Macleod and the Winey Shuffle.


All workshops are FREE and open to everybody.

Mon, 6-8pm: Autobiographical commix and creativity
Tue, 6-8pm: Drumgasms - Crafty Room
Wed, 7pm - 8pm: Spanish for beginners - Crafty R.
Wed, 5-10pm: Bike Generator - Crafty Room
Wed, 2-3.30pm: Gaelic for beginners - Crafty Room
Thu, 8.30pm-late: Music Jam - The Cave

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