Hi guys just to let you know

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Hi guys just to let you know

Post by chakan hislop » Fri Aug 24, 2007 4:07 pm

Hiya Just to let you know sevral people I know have done a deal with over 100 online music selling portals, itunes, napster etc... in dozens of countries, to sell independantly published material without the artists having to have a record label or even a company... the system has already signed up over 400 artists and labels, and im sure you guys will find it useful... all you need is a good song and a well mastered wav or mpeg file to get going...

I will be sending you details of the technology, how it works and whats the best way to mix this opportunity with a bit of guerilla marketing on and offline, over the next few weeks....

Will speak to you on the phone ryan about a couple of things... quite important!

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